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Protective Fabrics

Special materials, structures and/or finishes that provide a diverse range of technical and functional properties

We can develop these fabrics with:

  • Diverse yarns: p-aramids, m-aramids, polyester-FR, viscose-FR, modacrylic/cotton, blended yarns, combinations with glass or antistatic fibers, etc.
  • Different structures: simples and double faces fabrics.
  • Wide range of weights and widths.


(depending on the yarn or finishing):

  • Heat resistance and Fire-proofing
  • Mechanical protection: against cut, tear, etc.
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low production of smoke
  • Good resistance to the combustion
  • Dissipation of the static electricity
  • Antibacterial
  • High visibility

Possible applications:

Mechanical and/or Fire/Heat protection

  • Work Equipment (clothes, gloves…) for security forces, fireman, industrial sector…
  • Fabrics for upholstery in transports (train…) and public premises (hospitals…)
  • Military clothes (underwear, balaclava…)
  • Racing drivers clothes (underwear, balaclava…)


(knitted fabric coated of PVC…)

  • Seats for public transportation
  • Tarpaulin for goods transportation


Protection against static electricity and/or radiations/sparks:

  • Anti-static t-shirts, shoes, insoles… (Industry, fuel transport operators…)


Antibacterial protection:

  • Wear and workwear (t-shirts, shoes, insoles…)
  • Sanitary sector (cover for mattresses…)


High visibility:

  • Workwear (t-shirt, polo, sweatshirt…) for road yards workers, rescue operators, security forces…


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